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Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Korean Music Festival 2011 in Los Angeles

From the 2010 Korean Music Festival
The date is now set: on April 30 the 9th Annual Korean Music Festival (KFM) is taking place in the world-famous Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Aimed at Korean Americans and fans of Korean music of all ages, it is a celebration of music created by Koreans. As a main sponsor, The Korea Times is proud to play its part in celebrating "Hallyu", the Korean Wave.
Not all the artists are set, but so far confirmed to perform are Sul Woon Do, DJ D.O.C and SISTAR. Also coming are 4minute, Kim Jang-hoon, Lee Eun-ha and U-Kiss. At least 16 to 20 artists are expected.
It all started in 2003. At that time The Korea Times began to organize the inaugural KFM to celebrate the centennial of the Korean emigration to the U.S. It was a tremendous success: 18,000 tickets were sold in 14 days, and the sponsors came in and supported it. Since then, the KFM has served as an annual showcase for Koreans and Americans interested in "Hallyu".
The KFM at the Hollywood Bowl continues its popularity as it sells out every year. Alongside local and area residents, many others gather from Northern California, from New York and nationwide.
Judging from past KFMs, there are many booths with freebies from KMF sponsors such as fans, pens, glow sticks, light sticks, snacks, so-called "bam bam" sticks, raffle prizes, and sometimes shirts. It's a time for fans to congregate and get in the concert mood. Some fan groups pass out support packages such as glow sticks, shirts, and balloons.
The show starts with an opening act, followed by the Korean and American national anthems. Performances alternate between idol groups and older generation artists. At the end all the artists gather on stage for the closing performance and fireworks to wrap up the show at 11:00PM.

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