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Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

[Spoiler] "Royal Family" vs "Midas" same material different feeling, male leads plutocrat lawyers

Dramas "Royal Family" and "Midas" have the same subject matter but they are different.
Especially "Royal Family" lead male Han Ji-hoon (Ji Seong) and "Midas" lead male Kim Do-hyeon. They are both lawyers but they have different targets.
In the second episode of MBC drama "Royal Family" (written by Kwon Eum-mi, directed by Kim Do-hoon) on the 3rd, Han Ji-hoon gives up the opportunity to become a prosecutor and becomes a lawyer for the JK family where his love Kim In-sook (Yeom Jeong-ah) is locked up.
Mother-in-law and owner of JK Group Kong Soon-oh (Kim Yeong-ae) tried making Kim In-sook incompetent. Not knowing when she will meet her fate, Han Ji-hoon gives up everything he has and becomes a lawyer in the group to save her. Being an orphan, Han Ji-hoon became a new person with her help. To him, she was an 'angel' and would do anything for her.
In the SBS drama "Midas" (written by Choi Wan-gyoo directed by Kang Sin-hyo) Kim Do-hyeon (Jang Hyeok) is a character who will throw away his all for money. It was the money to make his lover Lee Jeong-yeon (Lee Min-jeong) happy. He joins an unknown law firm and presents her with a luxury car and a luxury home to live in together.
The law firm he works in is where the plutocrat's possessions were being managed. The siblings fought for the inheritance. Meanwhile, Yoo In-hye (Kim Hee-ae) made Kim Do-hyeon her man. He does everything he can to make her the inheritor. Meanwhile, greed for money overcomes him more

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